Pandemic? Crisis! Poster design contest

Ada Sari Culture and Art Centre in Stary Sącz – the entity managing the IMO Contemporary Art Gallery – hereinafter referred to as “the Organiser”, hereby announces an international contest under the name Pandemic? Crisis! for best poster design. The posters are expected to be exhibited following the contest at the new IMO Contemporary Art Gallery in 2021. The winners and honourable mentions will be disseminated in accordance with the planned promotional and social campaign.

The purpose of the contest is to support artists in the difficult situation of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic by giving them awards in a contest, allowing them to participate in an exhibition and conducting a social campaign which raises awareness about the issue. The subject of the contest is the crisis caused by the pandemic. We expect bold works commenting on the results of the months of lockdown of the operation of the culture sector for the people connected with it (visual artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers, dancers, etc.) and works referring to the human mental condition and quality of life in the face of the introduced restrictions and long-term isolation.

Because of the pandemic, we are presently experiencing a situation described in dictionaries as a slump, turning point and potential breakthrough in the functioning of a given system, on global, collective and individual scales. Believing that artists can, one step ahead of others, verbalise the most important problems of humankind, we wish to contribute to diagnosing the current situation. Carefully listening to their voice may allow the expected breakthrough to be evolution instead of yet another tragedy for so many.

Deadline: Feb 25-th 2021 (Extended till March 15th)

Contest winners not residing in Poland will receive monetary prizes in Euro:
1st place – prize in the net amount of 1,500 Euro
2nd place – prize in the net amount of 700 Euro
3rd place – prize in the net amount of 500 Euro

Seven honourable mentions worth a net prize of 200 Euro each will be awarded, of which at least three to authors no older than 35 years old (i.e. born no earlier than 1 January 1985)